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Language support for the Availability Calendar is an area that Booking Tracker™ addresses far more than any other Availability Calendar site.

What makes our language support so impressive is that it extends to the booking/enquiry forms. The reason the support is so extensive is that it is driven by our users. We have made it easy for users to help provide new languages they require, and actively encourage this.

The Availability Calendar currently supports the following languages, and we are always keen to add more and improve the existing support;
Afrikaans (Afrikaans) Croatian (Hrvatski)
Danish (Dansk) Dutch (Nederlands)
English (English) Finnish (Suomi)
French (Français) German (Deutsch)
Greek (Ελληνικά) Italian (Italiano)
Norwegian (Norsk) Polish (Polski)
Portuguese (Português) Russian (Русский)
Spanish (Español) Swedish (Svenska)

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